The Betting Ring

A hub of activity on WA race days the 'Betting Ring' is a proud tradition in Australia.

At West Australian racing venues the 'Betting Ring' will have an enthusiast crowd during major events.

It is the place where a challenge between punters and bookmakers knowledge occurs, with a punter looking for the opportunity to receive the best price (odds) available for their bet.

Each WA Bookmaker will have there own stand with their name clearly displayed, and the odds they are offering - however keep a close watch for the movement in prices.

The 'Betting Ring' is a true mini gambling stock market example.

The price you see is the price you get, there is no hidden secrets and you are not betting blind.

Some betting operators payout depending on a number of factors and a punter will not know how little, or how much, they are too receive until the event finishes.

Hold on too your ticket from your Bookmaker, that is how to covert winnings to cash.