Minimum Bets

Minimum Wager Obligations is the maximum potential amount a WA Bookmaker may be required to pay a punter from a successful wager at the time of accepting it at odds offered at the time of the wager(bet).

  • a punter may place a bet(wager) for an amount up to this maximum loss amount automatically.
  • a Bookmaker has the option of taking a bet for more than the maximum loss amount at their option if a punter asks.

On Course Cash Betting

Any Perth Metropolitan Thoroughbred Race meeting Main Ring $1500.

Any Gloucester Park Harness Race meeting $500.

Any Perth Metropolitan Thoroughbred Race meeting Silver Ring or non Main Ring $500.

Any Provincial Thoroughbred Regional Race meeting $1000.

Any other Race meeting $500

Telephone and Internet Betting

Any Race meeting $50.

Credit Betting

Any Race meeting Nil.
A Bookmaker is not required to accept credit bets.

Minimum Bet is the minimum amount that can be placed as a wager (bet) by a punter at the odds offered.

Minimum bet at Any Race meeting AUD $2.

Conditions and Notes:

  1. These amounts only apply to Bookmaker members of WABA.
  2. The conditions only apply when the Bookmaker has a permit administered via WABA as authorised by the Race Track.
  3.  Perth Metropolitan Thoroughbred Race means Ascot Racecourse and Belmont Park Racecourse.
  4. Provincial Thoroughbred Regional Race means a racecourse at Bunbury, Northan, Pinjarra and York.
  5.  These amounts apply to a single runner in a single race.
  6.  In accordance with Betting Control Act 1954 and Betting Control Regulations 1978.


last updated April 2016